Underground Strength Conference: Part 1

Wow. What an incredible day.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in Edison, New Jersey at the first ever Underground Strength Conference 2012.

Today was an amazing day.

Zach Even-Esh gave us a history of his career that began with training clients for $5 an hour in his parents’s basement and has led him to a place of prominence in the fitness industry. Jason C Brown spoke of his new project the PathFinder Method and the importance of play in our lives. Brendan Gilliiam shared a very personal story of his up and downs in the fitness business, from the very bottom of life to the paling around with the jet setting elite and how he maintained his own integrity all the way through. Quatro Duece, the 42nd African American Navy Seal (Get it?), spoke about the “why” of what you do and how that “why” needs to be bigger than your obstacles Rick Daman shared how he opened a gym from nothing, with nothing, during a down economy after Thanksgiving and absolutely killed it. And finally Paul Reddick shared valuable marketing information and how it is my obligation to better market myself so that I can be of better service. All in all it was a very powerful and emotional day.

Taking one of the many lessons of just this day (there’s still tomorrow!) to heart, expect to hear from me more often. Know that you are my number one priority and I will do my best to continue to serve you with the gifts I have been given.

It’s getting late here and I need to get my beauty sleep, but I’m excited about tomorrow and all of it’s possibilities. I’m looking forward to bringing it all home.

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