Underground Strength Conference: Part 2


I am so incredibly blessed.

It’s 11:30 on a Saturday night and I just got back from a late night training session at Zach’s gym.  It could not have been a more perfect ending to an indescribable day (but I am going to try).

The conference began with a talk by the Ultimate Warrior.  Most of you might not know who he is, but Warrior (that’s his legal name) was a pro wrestler from the days of the WWF.  He fought guys like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.  Today Warrior is a man of passion who uses his gifts to reignite the unique genius that lives in every one of us.  He was powerful and intense and at one point I may have even wet my pants a little, but everyone came out inspired.

Matt Wichlinski followed in what was arguably the toughest spot of the day.  He’s soft spoken and at first glance seems small with big ears.  What he is is nothing short of amazing.  He is by far the most able athlete I’ve ever met.  His sense about progression and how and when to increase an exercise or decrease it are spot on and nothing short of spectacular.  I almost hate to say it but within minutes of Matt’s presentation I had forgotten all about the Ultimate Warrior.  That’s not to take away from Warrior but to say just how amazing Matt’s work is.  One way or another I will be working with Matt Wichlinski, his work is too good not to pursue, and by extension so will you.

Joe Meglio followed Matt and gave us even more movement with new progressions in the Underground warm up that will find their way into our gym.

And then came Elliott.  As usual Elliot blew minds.  You can’t tell from this email but my voice is hoarse.  Elliott’s lecture was a full expression of his own unique genius and his innate capacity to push you–just enough to make sure you come away stronger.  At the end he took us all through a twenty minute “meditation” that was physical as well as emotional and spiritual.  I could try and describe it for you but it would only lessen the experience.  It’s enough to say that much emotion was released and we were all touched very deeply by what he gave us–at one point staff people were peeking in the door to see just what the hell we were up to, I can only say it was quite loud.

Finally, there was a question and answer session.  Dax Moy, a man who truly is second level (look him up) and who had flown in from England just for this event, was part of that panel.  I was deeply touched by what he said.  He said he saw himself as a guru, not in the negative, cheesy “fitness guru” way but in the original Sanskrit where ‘gu’ is darkness and ‘ru’ is light.  A guru is one who takes you from the darkness into the light.  He’s not a leader just one who shines his own light.  If that light resonates with you you’re attracted to it, if not, you move on until you find the light that does.

I want to be like Dax Moy when I grow up.  I want to be like Dax and Matt and Joe and Elliott and Warrior and Duece and Brendan and Mike Stehle and Zach and all the guys who came and talked or just made their way to the conference.  They’ve all added to me and influenced me so much over the past two days.

Which brings to mind something Paul Reddick said yesterday.  If you can see a trait you recognize or appreciate in another person it’s because that trait already exists inside you.  You cannot see something in another person if you do not first have it yourself.

I see much in all of you.  I think together we can grow and evolve and pursue the liberation of our own unique geniuses (geniuii?) and make our worlds better places.  By doing that, we make the world a better place.

Travis Stoetzl ran us through an awesome workout tonight.  We all killed it.  I am tired and elated and proud.  I worked with some fantastic people that I am honored to have the gift of knowing and I’m honored to bring home the gifts they’ve shared with me to you.

Now, I really have to shut up and go to bed.  Travis is my ride to the airport and I’ve gotta be in the lobby by 4:30, but I had to take a minute and send this on to you.

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