Good Morning

It’s raining here in Birmingham.  One of those deep, cleansing rains that washes everything away and leaves the world new, exposed and fresh–kinda like I’m feeling this morning.

My good buddy, Zach Marcy, emailed yesterday after my last two emails and asked me a very important question.

Here is a question, what are you implementing, if just one thing from each person, into your life from what you learned from each person?

Zach is one of my teachers, and I have many–if you’re on this list that means you’re one of them.  His question brings up exactly what I wanted to talk about with you today–action.
See, it’s real easy to go to one of those type of events like the conference I just attended last weekend.  It’s easy to go and sit, participate in the exercises, get all riled up and inspired and motivated, get all emotional and feeling good, but it’s all wasted if you don’t come back and DO SOMETHING.

After enlightenment, there’s laundry.
— Zen Proverb

I always thought that quote was funny, but never understood it like I do today.  There’s work to be done.  The cool thing is that after enlightenment “laundry” has a whole new meaning, it’s not a drudgery, it’s just as exciting as everything else.

To make this past weekend have true meaning I have to implement what I’ve learned.  In this instance my “laundry” is sharing my lessons with you.  Over the next few days I’ll be detailing the specific lessons I’ve taken from each of my new teachers and showing how I’m putting them into action.  There’s two main reasons for this; first, so I can share them with you in the hopes that something I’ve learned might resonate in your life and teach you something new, and second, to keep me accountable.  Let’s face it, I get lazy.  Life finds ways of challenging your dedication and your determination.  It likes to ask you, “Are your sure?”  Making a pledge to you and staking my own sense of honor upon it is a good way to keep my motivation up and say, “YES!  I am sure.”

My first lesson then comes from Paul Reddick, which is this; by not marketing myself effectively, by not taking every opportunity to share my gifts and expose them to as many people as possible, I am being selfish.  There are people for whom my unique gifts can and will be life changing (and the same goes for you, as well).  If I don’t try and spread those gifts and my message as far as I can, those people can’t find me.  Therefore it is my duty to myself and to everyone else that I reach as far as I can.

The usual question we ask ourselves is, “Who am I to pester these people with my promotions?”  When the actual question we should be asking is, “Who am I NOT to?”

Up until now, this has been a manual list.  I generated a list of email addresses out of all the people I know and who I thought might be interested in what I have to say.  As such, you didn’t opt in, I opted you in–to be honest that’s fear based, and not exactly honorable.

That changes today.  I’ve set up an account with AWeber and will begin sending these daily correspondences via that list server.  That means you’ll have to subscribe to my list in order to keep getting these emails.  I’ll admit that’s a little scary because I’m depending on you to be interested and to take the extra effort, but that’s fear talking and I’ve chosen to no longer listen to that particular voice.

Here’s the link.

Once you enter your name and email address you’ll be sent a confirmation email which will contain a link you need only click again to be subscribed to the list.

Thank you for all the positive feedback so far.  I’ll be waiting on the other side.


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2 responses to “Good Morning

  1. I always find your blog posts to be soothing. I think it is a mixture of your messages and writing styles, plus you can honestly tell that you are at peace on some level. Keep it up!

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