Brendan Gilliam

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

I want to continue my series on the Underground Strength Conference and the lessons I’ve taken home.  More than just bragging about all the cool people I met, (and I met some very cool people) I want to share their messages.  Maybe there’s something here that you’ve been waiting to hear; it’s my honor to be able to share.

The next speaker to come up was Brendan Gilliam.  I’d heard some buzz from some of the other attendees, references to Crossfit, Greg Glassman, and Brendan having been one of the original trainers at first Crossfit in Santa Cruz.  There was a clear buzz of respect in the room.

Unfortunately, I’m not all that up on Crossfit culture.  I knew enough to know his accolades were impressive, but not enough to feel the excitement.

Then he began to speak.  Brendan has had a roller coaster of a life.  I’m personally familiar with parts of his path, my own trials of addiction and recovery resonated with his story and while my personal lows may not have been as low neither have my highs been as high (I’ve yet to experience the weekend jaunt to Costa Rica on a billionaire’s private jet–give me time).

Brendan’s message was one of revival and how success comes from believing in yourself and believing in other people.  The second part, believing in others, has always been easier for me, the first, not so much.  Self doubt has plagued me my whole life.

What I’ve learned, though, is that doubt is a choice I make.  Everyday I make a choice.  Do I listen to history–the voices of the past that may have undermined my natural confidence but no longer have relevance, or do listen to myself–that small quiet voice that knows what I’m capable of, who sings my praises and pushes me to be more, do more?

More and more I’m learning to listen to that voice and so should you.

What’s a better life?  Is it better to cower under perceptions of inferiority, that may or may not be true, or are we better off trying anyway, taking a chance and testing ourselves, maybe even surprising ourselves by discovering that we really are great, capable and strong.

Far better, I think, to fail and know your limits, than it it is to never even try, cowered by a perception that you’ll never know is valid or not.  Trust me, everyone who’s tried, really tried, and put their heart and soul into the effort walks away with their head held high.

Sure, defeat sucks.  No one wants to lose, but when it’s over you know you did your best and no one can fault you for that or take it away.

Self doubt defeats you before you start.  You hang your head because you know, deep down, you didn’t even try.

Chip Conrad is going be here in July.  His Brutal Recess workshop is all about increasing ability, no matter where your starting point is.

If fact, Chip, who is a competitive powerlifter, defines strength as ability.  A strong body is a capable body, an able body, one that can do and be more.

I have learned that growth in one area often brings up other areas and the stronger I became in my body, the stronger I became in my mind and spirit, as well.  As my body grew my confidence grew and it became easier and easier to not be swayed by the voices of others who don’t even know me.

So take Brendan’s advice; chose to believe in yourself.  You are greater than anyone else knows and it is your duty to share this with the world.  Don’t let doubt make you selfish.  Open up and share your unique gifts with the world.

If you’re looking for a boost, join us July 28th and 29th, here in Birmingham, for the Brutal Recess workshop.  I’d love to have you here.  Take the opportunity to increase your knowledge and your ability in the gym and then use it to propel you to the greater heights you were meant to soar.

Click here to join us in July!



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