Quatro Duece

Quatro Duece, probably the coolest name I have ever heard–well, Dax Moy is a pretty solid contender, but more about Dax later.  This one is about Quatro.

Quatro was the next speaker to come up after Brendan Gilliam at the Underground Strength Conference.  Zach’s intro was ebullient and the level of respect he expressed for Quatro was immeasurable.

“Quatro is a bad mofo.”

Quatro really is a bad mofo.  He’s a Navy SEAL who works part time.  They can do that?  If you’re Quatro you can, and you can negotiate a higher salary than when you worked full time.  That is a bad mofo.  He and his wife also own and run Trident Crossfit in Alexandria, Virginia (if you’re in the area stop by, tell ’em Dave Hall sent you.)

Obviously, Quatro Duece is not his given name.  African-American culture is known for often choosing what white culture considers to be “colorful” names (LaShawn, Diangelo, Blanket), but I’m hard pressed to believe any self respecting African-American mother would call her golden son Quatro Duece.  No, Quatro’s real name is a national secret that only his mother, his wife and a select few know.  The moniker he wears now comes from the honor he carries of being the 42nd African-American to earn the position of Navy SEAL.

Obviously I like Quatro, besides being a badass he complimented me on my moustache which may very well keep this mop of masculinity plastered on my face permanently.  Sorry kids, if Quatro said it’s cool, it’s cool.

Quatro stood out, not because he was the only black dude there (although that doesn’t hurt) but because he has presence.  Quatro knows where he belongs.  Conveniently that happens to be wherever he’s standing.

He’s kind of small, wiry and lean–we have all these misconceptions of what a badass warrior looks like.  When we think soldier we think Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dolph Lundgren or Sylvester Stallone (yes, I’m dating myself, deal with it), big dudes with massive guns who tote er, massive guns.  In reality, big guys don’t always make such great soldiers in the field.  That’s not to say they can’t, but they often make pretty good targets and that’s not so good.

So, physically Quatro may be smallish (I’d never tell the man he was actually “small”) but inside this man is huge.

And that is what he taught me; your spirit is boundless.

Obstacles defeat us because we choose to accept them as insurmountable.  Whether they are or not is irrelevant.  It’s because we believe them to be is all that matters.  We have a choice.

We learned from his wife and business partner, Andrea, that Quatro was not always the lean, mean fighting machine we saw before us.  In fact as a young child he suffered terrible asthma and, since his femurs grew faster than the other bones in his legs, had to wear Forrest Gump style leg braces.  His mother refused to see this as a handicap and as such the thought never entered young Quatro’s mind.  He played, ran, swam and jumped with all the other kids and along the way developed a mindset that told him anything was possible.

He went on to rise to the top of one of the world’s elite fighting forces, repeatedly making the choice to push himself and to risk his life for the honor of protecting our freedoms.  A thank you would probably be appropriate right now.

How does one get to this point?  What does it take to find the strength to continue to make these decisions over and over again?

The answer is why.

Not why? as in “Why is this happening to me?” but why as in “This is why I do this.”

Why, the overall big reason for why we do anything.  This why is highly personal and different for everyone of us.  Sometimes we choose our why and sometimes it chooses us.

What’s important about this why is not so much what it is but how big it is.  Yes, Billy, sometimes size does matter.  The bigger your why is, the stronger it resonates in your heart and the more insignificant your obstacles become.

Find your why.  If you don’t know what it is yet take the time, search your soul and discover it.  Once you’ve found it your compass is set and you’ll always know where you are.

With a powerful, well defined why you can bust through all kinds of obstacles and if the obstacle is too big you can use the power of that why to go around, under, over.

Over time your why may change–of course it will, as you change and grow your why will too.  What matters is that you know what it is right now.  It’s a powerful tool; use it and let the passion it ignites propel you to greater heights.

My own why is that I believe I am awesome.  I am a son of God and contain all of the magic and light and brilliance that is this universe, and you know what?  So do you.  My mission is twofold; I want to explore, open up to and expose my own personal brilliance and as I go I want to share my lessons with you so that you too can expose your own brilliance to the world.  That my friends is how you change the world and you know what else?  I just felt those obstacles shift a little.  We’re gaining ground.

To this end I want to remind you of the workshop I’m hosting in July.  It’s two days of personal growth and exploration through movement and ability.  There are fifteen spots available and I’d love to have you join me.

Click here to join us in Birmingham, July 28th and 29th –> http://agogefit.com/bodytribe/


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  1. Qd

    Quatro Duece approves, and yes I laughed out loud, smallish really!

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