I just wanted to drop a quick note.

I’m here in Sacramento for the Bodytribe Gathering of the Tribes.  I got here about midday, went to see the gym and got to pal around with Chip for a while, he took me to a local Co-op to get some groceries and and I got to see a little bit of Sacramento.

I gotta say it reminds me a lot of St. Petersburg.

From the little while I did spend in and around the gym I can say it has an awesome vibe and the people drawn to Chip and his gym are exemplary.  I saw athletes of all ability levels training around each other, their love and respect for Chip and his gym was palpable.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

On the downside, I’m having some hardware issue with my computer and my wifi is acting up.  I’ll do my best to get it fixed but I may not be as in touch over the next few days as I’d like.  Right now I’m hooked up via a cable at my host’s, Kyle, a trainer at Bodytribe, house.

I’m even more excited about the workshop having met Chip face to face.  We have lots in common.

Tomorrow is going to be a blast, but now I’m pretty tired and I’m thinking of crashing at the ridiculous hour of 7:15 pm local time.  Give me a break, I’ve been going since 2:30 am local time.  I’ll see more of Sacramento, tomorrow.

Until then,

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