Miss ya already.

When I got to work this morning that was the email from Chip that was sitting for me in my inbox.  He’d sent it the day before while I was in transit flying back to Birmingham.

My afternoon was spent reconnecting with my daughters.  We caught a late afternoon showing of Brave and then got burgers, sans bun, of course, and onion rings at Hamburger Heaven.  My wife, Samantha, is in New Hampshire for her own workshop and won’t be back until Friday.

This morning has been spent being welcomed back by fellow trainers, gym members and clients, everyone asking if I enjoyed my trip and looking for a little taste of how I liked the workshop or Sacramento.

It’s so nice to be loved and welcomed home.

It’s not without, I must admit, a touch of melancholy.  The Gathering of the Tribes could not have been a more appropriate name for this weekend.

I’ve spoken of this before.  The sense of connection you feel with a group of strangers who share the same passions as you is undeniable.  Once again, I’ve found more of my tribe.  What a gift it is to live in an age of such relatively easy travel.  That I can first find these people and then stay connected with them is such a blessing.

So I was touched by Chip’s email this morning.  The feeling is mutual.  I miss the people I met this weekend.  I miss the ease of our camaraderie and the feel of our enthusiasm, for each other and our work.

I’m also inspired.  For years people have told me, “Oh, Dave, you should really consider going out to California.  You’d really like it out there.”

For years I resisted.  I told myself it would be easy to be me in California, that it was a grander statement, a bolder move and made more of an impact for me to be me in Alabama.  That’s ego talking, of course, and I’ve never claimed to be beyond my ego, but now I’m inspired to be more than just me in Alabama.

I’m inspired to build a tribe.

You are invited to be a part of my tribe.  Heck, if you already get these emails you already are a part of my tribe.  I just now realize the importance of acknowledging that.

So, in light of that acknowledgement,  Welcome, to my tribe.  We are a loose knit community, many of us have never seen each other and may never, but we are connected nevertheless.

We are connected by our passion and our commitment to the elevation of humanity by elevating ourselves.  By becoming as Elliott Hulse so eloquently puts it, “The Strongest Versions of Ourselves” we help others do the same, by our example, by our instruction, by doing, showing and sharing.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Ghandi

“If you want to make the world a better place
Take at look at your self
And make a change” — Michael Jackson

That’s right, I just quoted “Man in the Mirror” and Mohandas K.  Feel the love.

So, if you’ve been paying attention of the last few weeks, you know where I’m going with this.

Chip will be here, that’s right, here, at Agoge Fitness Systems July 28th and 29th for a workshop.  You could be here, too.  Come see some of the members of your tribe.  Reconnect with your extended family and take one more step in your journey to “become the strongest version of yourself” and change the world.

To sign up for the workshop click HERE.  Rates go up after July 4th.

And to sign up to get this newsletter in your inbox, click HERE.

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