Odds and Ends

Oh boy, I’m late.  It’s 12:30 pm Central time and I’m just now sitting down to write, it’s been a bit of a hectic day and I’m off my usual schedule.

I didn’t have six am client and I let myself sleep in a little.  My first clients wouldn’t be at the gym until eight, so I had time to draw the morning out a little.  I got my coffee, settled my gear and decided that since my new Alpha Strong sand bag had arrived in the mail I would stop by Home Depot for a couple bags of sand.

I learned of Alpha Strong from Chip.  He pretty much uses their bags exclusively and sings their praises highly.

I started using sandbags in my training and with my clients after learning about them from Zach Even-Esh.  The sandbag is a highly versatile tool.  You can make them yourself, for not too big an investment, or take advantage of the many varieties available commercially.  The sandbag is just another resistance tool.  You can carry it, throw it, mimic anything you might do with a barbell or use it to load other tools like sleds and prowlers.

Historically, I’ve made my own.  Army surplus bags seemed sturdy enough at the time and later, truck tire inner tubes proved handy for making Bulgarian style sandbags.  Bulgarian bags are somewhat limiting in their use and the army just doesn’t make stuff the way they used to.  Cheap is not cheap if your constantly having to repair and remake.

The Alpha Strong bags are not cheap.  I have luggage that has cost me less.  The bags are of extremely high quality, though.  Alpha Strong actually uses a luggage manufacturer to construct their bags.  If you’re anywhere close to my age, you remember the old Samsonite commercial with the gorilla wreaking havoc on one of their suitcases.  I intend to be that gorilla.  If this bag holds up as well as Chip proclaims or the bag’s construction suggests, I will buy more of these.  One at a time, mind you, but if the bag lasts it will save me money in the long run.

While at the Home Depot buying sand for my new sandbag I noticed the vacuums and that reminded me how dusty the gym has gotten lately and that it has been a while since Bronwyn had been out to clean.  She was cleaning on Saturdays to raise money for her future horse fund, but the social calendar of a twelve year old is a fickle one.  Working early on a Saturday morning cramped her ability to stay up half the night on spend-the-nights with her girlfriends.  Of course, I understand, but I still have a business to run.

The key to effectively performing any unfavorable task, like cleaning, is to make it as convenient as possible, to remove as much of the “Aw, I don’t wanna do that” as you possibly can.  So I bought a new shop-vac.  I bought an extra hose and extra attachments and a bag to store everything in.

I made it to the gym by eight, filled my Alpha Strong bag to just under 75 pounds, and began training clients.  At ten I hit my first break, I should have sat down to start writing this, but the vacuum and all of it’s new attachments lay their waiting to be used.  The next thing I knew the boxes were opened and I was cleaning.

Some of the attachments I bought didn’t fit right so I had to make an emergency trip back to Home Depot to get an adapter, but by the time I sat down to write these words the gym had undergone a remarkable transformation.

Dust is pervasive, it doesn’t look for the most convenient, easily cleaned areas to settle and all to often when we do polish we just hit the high traffic areas.  That means the corners build up, the nooks and crannies, the hard to reach areas start to get caked with dust that somehow still seems to affect the areas we do clean regularly.

Sometimes we have to bust out, break up old patterns and do something completely different.  Sometimes what’s needed is just a temporary change, sometimes it’s more dramatic.

Today is a precursor for bigger changes to come.  Agoge Fitness is getting a new face.  I’m picking colors for the walls and looking to include some new ideas and practices into what we do.

My trip to Sacramento was more transformational than even I realized at the time.  I’m excited.  Change is good.  Some of the changes will be, like I mentioned, in appearance, some will be in programming, others will be in the way I do business.  All of them will be, I hope, for the better.

If they’re not, I’ll change them.


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2 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. Cleaning corners and under things is like mobility work and daily meditation. You can skip it but eventually you realize the price of doing so.

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