John Locke

Wednesday’s workout was named for the founder of Classical Liberalism, John Locke.

John Locke

Any hip exercise x 10
40 yard sprint
KB Swing x 10
40 yard sprint

You can watch the video HERE.

The funny thing about video is that it has none of the delusions and amplifications you mind can create.  See, in my mind, when I sprint I am the wind.  Video says, “Not so much,” and reminds me that this is an area I could use further work.

I could use the excuse that it’s different running in sand, and it is, but really, watch the video, who are we fooling?

I did three rounds of John Locke and feeling a bit beaten refused to quit.  I finished with something a little closer to my own wheelhouse, explosive kettlebell tosses.  I did three rounds of six tosses, which is actually a lot of fun, by the way.

While editing the video I noticed one other thing–a lack of discipline.  Yes, I’m on vacation and yes, I’m keeping up with my workouts.  So I’m allowed a little lee way and gain credit for sticking to my program, I’ll accept that and enjoy it, but where I’m lacking is in my prehab work.

I’ve been slacking on my stretching and foam roller work both before and after working out.  You can see it in my posture.  My shoulders are starting to round and my head juts forward in a classic kyphosis.

Mobility and strength are more than just tossing heavy weights around the beach.  Stretching and myo-fascial release, the two main benefits of foam rolling, are crucial to having a body that moves as efficiently as it can and looks better too.

Chip is a master of mobility work (You knew I was coming back to Chip didn’t you?) and learning how to mobilize our bodies will be a major part of his workshop.  The benefits are tremendous.  If you’re looking for agility, speed, strength, flexibility or longevity you need to be in on this workshop.

Chip will be here July 28 and 29.  Join us.  Click HERE.

Stay strong,

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