Bertrand Russell

Thursday was a rainy, dreary day.  Luckily I managed to get some mobility work and three sets of Betrand Russell in before the rain started.

Not only was Bertrand Russell a twentieth century logician and philosopher, he’s also the Bodytribe workout I chose for Thursday.

Bertrand Russell

Bent Over Rows x 6/6
Swings x 6/6
Squat Press x 12
Burpee x 12

I managed to get three sets in before the rain, or rather the lightning sent me in.  Rain on the beach is nothing, really, but getting hit by lightning while swinging a 53 pound kettlebell is probably not the most noble of epitaphs.  As such, i stopped early of the prescribed six rounds.  See the video HERE.

I’m writing this Thursday afternoon, if I’m lucky the rain will blow over before too much longer and we can have a little more beach time before dark.

Don’t forget, we’re moving into the final week of registration for the Bodytribe workshop.  Register HERE to reserve your spot.

Stay strong,

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