Happy Monday, everyone.

We spent Saturday driving back from the beach and yesterday was spent catching up on all the chores we didn’t get to during the week–mowing the grass, grocery shopping, that sort of thing.

Don’t worry, we didn’t let our vacation completely get away from us as we still managed to find a few hours to spend soaking in the river during the afternoon.

After a supper of pan seared salmon and broccoli salad, I sat down to whittle the twenty plus minutes of video Samantha shot of my last beach workout on Friday into something watchable.  I’m desperate for new music for these videos and as YouTube is extremely vigilant about copyright protection I need to find something original as well as appropriate.

If you know of any young (or not), hungry musicians looking for an easy way to promote their sound, let me know.  I’d be happy to include their credits in exchange for the right to use their music in these videos.

My original plan was to do four Bodytribe workouts, Monday through Thursday, and then create my own on Friday.  I had asked Chip if he and the Tribe had already created a workout for  Friedrich Nietzsche.  He said they’d made one at one time but never documented it.  He gave me his blessing to make one of my own.

As the week went on and I thought more and more about it, the more wrong the whole idea seemed.  Nietzsche is best known for the quote, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” which may well be the anthem of modern fitness, and, if you’ve been paying attention, that concept is a frequent focal point of my criticism and ire about modern fitness.

So, would I really be staying true to myself by writing up a workout named for Nietzsche and whose sole aim was to kick my own butt?  Someone more learned than me might could argue the subtleties of Nietzsche and find a way to make us compatible, but I’m not that man and I wasn’t about to spend precious vacation hours doing research trying to make an odd shoe fit.

Especially when there’s a philosopher neared and dearer to my own heart and whose philosophy harmonizes with my own ideas–Lao-Tzu.

Lao-Tzu is credited with writing the Tao Te Ching, a fundamental work in Chinese Taoism.  Lao-Tzu translates into something akin to “the old man” and there’s much speculation that perhaps Lao-tzu was not just one man but a collection of writers, possibly over many years, whose thoughts and ideas were compiled to create the Tao Te Ching.

The Tao Te Ching was written for the ruling class and as such gives much advice that at first blush seems written for leaders and rulers and applies only to those in charge of many, but what works on the macro level also works on the micro level.  The same lessons one learns to apply to a nation of millions is pertinent to ruling yourself, as well.

Lao-Tzu teaches that in order to live the best life we must learn to live in harmony with the natural laws of the universe or as he (they) call(s) it–the Tao.

The Bodytribe concept of listening to your body and letting it lead your training is very much in keeping with this idea.

So, I ditched Nietzsche.

Instead of creating a brutal workout aimed at reducing me to a quivering mass of sweaty jelly (eww!) I set out to have some fun.  I took the four training implements I brought with me and placed them 40 yards apart.  My plan was to do a stationary exercise with one of the implements and then follow with a mobility drill down to the next implement.  I hit each “station” six times for a total of twelve different exercises.

I managed to get the video down to just under four minutes.  You can view it HERE.

The goal was to create an unscripted movement session and when it was over I finished with a set of yang style tai chi and a splash in the ocean.

This weekend Chip will be at Agoge Fitness Systems.  I, for one, am super stoked.  My videos are just a taste of what we’ll be covering.  The workshop will cover mobility, kettlebells, leverage clubs,  powerlifting, and the Olympic lifts.  Whether you’re a regular AFS client, a Crossfitter, a personal trainer or a fitness enthusiast this weekend has much to offer you.  Remember, the workshop is Saturday and Sunday, the 28th and 29th.  To register, go HERE.

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