A New Face

First, an apology for not getting a post out yesterday.  It was an extremely busy day–not the best excuse, but it’s the truth.

Over the weekend I had my friends Jason and Keelan come in and paint.  Their company, Southern ROC (they’re musicians, get it?), is a top notch organization and once again they did an amazing job.  Over the weekend they transformed my gym into an awesome looking facility.

I kind of hate to admit it, but it’s given the gym an air or authenticity and professionalism that it was lacking.  I’m very proud to show off my “new” space, now.

Yesterday morning I got here about 6:30 and started putting everything back together.  Since everything was pulled to the middle of the room I had access to areas that are usually blocked by racks and equipment.  That meant a rare cleaning opportunity and I took full advantage of it.  I vacuumed and mopped and dusted.  Everything went back cleaned and polished.

The entire gym has a crisp, new feel to it.

I stopped at nine for a massage client and then continued until noon.  Once finished I took the pictures you see here.

At noon I performed a deadlift work out and really pushed myself.  I managed to pull off a personal record as well.

My brother showed up for our lunch date just as I was about to hit the shower.  Sunday was his birthday and I was taking him to lunch.  In addition, I was surprising him with a visit from his nieces.

Pat and I live in the same town.  We live only a couple of miles away from each other, but find it very easy to let several months pass with out seeing or hearing from one another.

This used to really bug me and has been the cause of more than one fight between us.  Now, I just let it slide.  Our lifestyles are very different.  I have three daughters, he has no kids.  He just recently moved in with the girl he’s been dating for several years, while Samantha and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.

There’s no point in calling one better than the other, that’s all just a matter of perspective.  He’s happy with his life and I’m happy with mine.  I’m glad to see him when I can and I feel the same from him.

As it was we had a good lunch and he and I spent the better part of the afternoon together.

As we were catching up we touched on work, a common topic for Hall men.  I already knew from our phone conversation on Sunday that he’d lost his job at ***** (as much as I’d like to out the restaurant in question, I’m going to be critical here and don’t need to open myself up to litigation, so let’s just say it’s a snotty little upscale restaurant that serves raw fish…)

He’d been let go because he refused to sign an intellectual property/non-competition contract.  Said unnamed restaurant was requiring all employees to sign a contract which stated in part that all creations by employees made in and offered by the restaurant would become property of the restaurant and should the employee opt to take said creation to another employment they would be subject to a lawsuit.

**Rant Alert**  These type of contracts are ridiculously self defeating as all they really ensure is that all creativity is squashed or that the most creative employees leave.  I mean, why would I, as an employee, want to express any innovation when not only will I not be compensated for such innovation but it will be taken from me?

What we see, in acts such as this one, is fear at work.  Management fears that an employee can threaten the integrity of their profits by taking their creations elsewhere if they should find better employment.  Management forgets that there is nothing that the restaurant offers that can’t be found elsewhere.  Just like in my industry, what is proprietary is personality (ambience) and service, things that other places cannot replicate as well.

When confronted with the contract my brother actually agreed to sign, if the company would agree to exempt the four drinks he had already created.  They wouldn’t and so neither would he and true to their word they fired him.

I’m not too worried about him though.  This is a great opportunity for him to take some time and find out what he’s really passionate about.  He shows great strength of character and this will carry him far.

Strength is more than just physical.  Where it comes from, in all it’s forms, is from being tested.  In gym culture we often talk about how becoming stronger in the gym “makes you a better person,” but we never talk about how that comes about.

Over the next few days I’d like to explore this idea and lay out for you how I think the process works.  In addition I’ll also be continuing our discussion about the kun for our gym.  I think you’ll find these discussions to be coincidental and thus very complimentary.

Stay strong,


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2 responses to “A New Face

  1. Wow. The gym looks splendid & I can’t wait to see it in person. Although I’ve kept up some stretching and exercise, I have really, really missed our workouts the past two weeks.

    I’m proud of and glad for Pat-o for getting out of a bunk situation. Evidently this is the season for that.

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