Bad Mood

Most people do not realize that as they continue to find things to complain about, they disallow their own physical well-being. Many do not realize that before they were complaining about an aching body or a chronic disease, they were complaining about many other things first. It does not matter if the object of your complaint is about someone you are angry with, behavior in others that you believe is wrong, or something wrong with your own physical body. Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.

— Abraham

I have been in the most evil, foul mood for the last few days.  It got so bad that I just skipped writing because I just couldn’t find anything nice to say.  I couldn’t bring myself to manufacture a positive and I wasn’t about to bring you down with my own nastiness.  So, like my Granny (and Abraham) taught me, I just kept my mouth shut.

Well, at least to you anyway.  Those closest to me will attest I’ve been a whiny assed baby, a grump and an ogre.

But remaining relatively silent for a few days and giving myself the time to experience my bad mood, explore its contours and corners and reflect upon it, I was able to come to a realization.

Nothing was going to change unless I did something about it.

If I’m unhappy with my current situation.  If, in order to be happy, I need others or circumstances to change, I am the only one who can do something about it.  If my current efforts aren’t producing the results I want, it is absolute foolishness to continue those efforts and then bitch about not getting the result I expect.  Clearly what I’m doing isn’t working and it’s time to make a change.

Always do what you’ve always done and you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

So, we’re trying again, a new tactic, a new method, a new way.  Dave’s life version–who knows?  There have been so many changes and revisions along the way I can’t even begin to keep count.

Nor will this be the last time either.

The only constant in life is change
—Taoist joke

I’ve already begun to implement some of my new ideas and that in and of itself has brought a much better mood.  The best antidote for stagnation and frustration is movement.  Take a step, change direction, do something, you can always correct your aim along the way.

For the record, I’m still not happy about how things are right now, but I’m doing something about it and that has gone a long way to making me feel better about it.

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