Mea Culpa

I hope you had a good holiday yesterday.  I also hope you took my advice and made it a real holiday, as well.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t do any work yesterday, but what work I did do was so enjoyable it didn’t feel like it.

I slept late, and by sleeping late I mean I really slept late.  My day usually starts around 4:30 am and I’m generally out of the house before anyone else has stirred, sometimes even before my German shepherd, Olive.  Yesterday, I lounged late into the morning and did not get out of bed until 10 am!  It really was quite nice.

After getting up, getting my coffee and checking in with my daughters, my youngest,Thalia, and I sat down on the couch to review the first disc of Chip’s Strength Rituals video.  Samantha laughs at me when I say this, but I think both Strength Rituals and Brutal Recess are two of the coolest exercise videos I’ve ever seen.  To reinforce my own opinion, let me share that after having watched the first disc of Brutal Recess, my youngest two daughters, Bronwyn and Thalia, have both asked to be allowed to join the workshop.  Of course, I agreed.

Chip’s voice is perfect for the narration and the video footage is not only instructional it’s engaging as well.  The scenery, from the gym to all the different outdoor locations they use, the various angles, creative ways used to edit the film, and the west coast punk inspired soundtrack, all combine to pull you in and make for and very enjoyable viewing experience.  Which is refreshing.  If you’ve any experience with fitness or other technical videos, you know they can be very dry and boring.

Admittedly, it was also fun to point out the various people I’d met while in Sacramento.  This is very telling about the community Chip has created, the videos are both several years old and many of the people featured are still with him.  Longevity like this is a rare thing in the ADD world of fitness.

I had fun watching the first disc of this video with my daughter and taking notes and stealing–er, borrowing combos and programming strategies.  I plan on using these ideas to mature my own concepts of strength and fitness.  The ultimate goal, of course, is to deliver the best possible experience to you I can.

So, after a couple hours of watching Chip and his crew go through various workouts and listening to Chip share much of his philosophy about training and fitness, we headed out for pool and barbecue and fun.  While I did not manage to complete divorce myself from thoughts of work and training I did avoid any of the anxious worrying and fretting that accompanies running your own business and, by the way, is a total waste of time.

The mea culpa is twofold.  First, is the aforementioned fact that I did not completely avoid work yesterday, although in the final analysis it was so enjoyable it hardly qualifies as work.  The second, to my mind is a bit more serious.

You know that over the past few weeks I have been promoting Chip’s workshop at the end of July, and over the past few days you’ve seen me warn of the impending rise in the rate for admittance to the workshop, it has come to my attention, from some very well meaning supporters, that perhaps I’ve not done as good a job as I could have in promoting the rate change.  Therefore I’ve made an executive decision.

I am extending the low rate of admission for the next ten days.

You can sign up to be a part of what will easily be one of the coolest workshops you’ve ever attended for $199, until July 14th.  On July 15th, I’m raising the price to a more reasonable $239.  If you want in and haven’t registered by July 27th, the “at the door” price will be $269.

If you’re interested, I highly recommend you go ahead and register now, space is limited and I’m about to correct my previous mistake of improper promotion with a “full court press” on all media outlets available to me.

To register for the Bodytribe Fitness workshop, click HERE.

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As always I thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts, ideas and programming with you.

As my friend Elliott Hulse, reminds me, GROW STRONGER!

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