Picture Show

For today’s post I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the pictures that Joe Wilson and Ned Boggan took during our workshop last weekend.

Honestly, they do a much better job of describing what a cool weekend we had than I ever could.  Think of it as a digital ‘Wish you were here,” postcard.  Enjoy.


Bodyweight training has to be the foundation of any strength training program, really, any fitness program, regardless of your goals.  After all, if you can’t handle manipulating your own body weight, what business do you have adding weight?



Start simply, and as you progress increase the complexity and decrease the leverage.  You can find many ways to make your static bodyweight easier or more difficult to work with.



Proper rest intervals are crucial to your success.  Push yourself too hard you impair your ability to maintain good form.  Lose your form and you lose work you were trying to achieve, and maybe more importantly, the results.  Don’t push yourself hard enough and you won’t create sufficient stress to generate change.



Our dogs are a vital part of our lives, both at Bodytribe and Agoge Fitness Systems.  Consider them enlightened masters who patiently teach by example.  Well, except when they drink from the toilet.




Fancy or expensive gym equipment is not a pre-requisite to a good workout.  Resistance can be found quite cheaply and sometimes the best tools are things others see as trash.  Sixteen used tires? $0.00.  Twenty minutes of tire bashing in the alley?  Priceless.

These are pictures of each of the individuals who joined us for the workshop.  Each one of them is precious to me, they’re members of my tribe and I salute them all– in their strength, their growth and their passion.

You’ve heard me sing this before, the best part of these type of events is the chance to connect with others, to make friends you might not otherwise find.  Clearly, I’m not alone in this.


So here’s a snapshot (I know, not the best pun) of what a workshop at AFS looks like.  We had so much fun we’re going to do it again.  You’ve got a standing invitation to join us.  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted about our next one.

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