Perfectly Imperfect

As usual, I had a great time in St. Petersburg.  Elliott Hulse always delivers and this workshop was no exception.  I am, however, glad to be home.

Now that I’m home, I have work to do.

I faced some hard truths this weekend.  Whether he was aware of it or not, Elliott held up a mirror that showed a face I had been running from.  It was time to take a hard look and accept some truths.

Here’s a story:

A monk, having spent years of study and meditation approaches his master, “Sifu, what should one do when faced with frustration?”

“Encourage others.”

I’ve been doing this all along without even realizing it.  The core of my work is the message that you can be better.  You can have the things you want.  You can live the life you want.  Strength and fitness have been my vehicles to realizing this, but they’re not necessarily the vehicles for my message, because…


There is nothing you have to change.

To have the life you want, you MUST start with this understanding.  If not, the trajectory gets all wrong and we miss our target.

Sure, we all have things we want to change, but we change them because we want MORE, because we DESERVE more, not because we are broken or flawed.  There is nothing to “fix,” only things to IMPROVE.

These are vital distinctions.

In his own subtle way Elliott reminded me of this.  He did this by reminding me of who I am, which, honestly, was the mirror I didn’t want to see.

I have a gift and an audience all my own.  Trying to be someone else is impossible.  It serves no one and only leads to failure.

So, to quote my new friend Teiko Reindorf, “I’mma do me.”  And, hopefully, by “doing me” I can encourage you to “do you.”

To your perfect imperfection,


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