Coaching Call

Today is the last day to get in on the sale of my new book over at Critical Bench.  It will still be available after today, but at twice it’s current price.

Apparently, my radio interview with Brian Cannone, on FTNS Fitness Radio, was successful.  Mike Westerdal, my publisher, said his inbox has been swamped with email asking questions about the book, most of which he said could be answered by buying the book (he should say that, he’s my publisher), but all these questions put an idea in his head.

To sweeten the pot, Mike has decided to offer a coaching call with Mike, my co-author, Shawn Lebrun, and myself.  My own awesomeness aside, this is a tremendous opportunity.

Shawn Lebrun deserves the lion’s share of credit for this book.  Without him, it just wouldn’t exist.  His story is the driving force of the book and it was his genius that applied the concept of success to weight loss.

Shawn’s is an inspiring story.  Strong but out of shape, and carrying an extra fifty pounds on his frame, he found himself one day unable to keep up with his friends on a ski trip.  Swaddled in the extra layers of a ski suit he was exhausted just getting to the lift, and after one run discovered he was done for the day.

For the rest of the day he sat, watching his friends make run after run, stewing in his own frustration and self loathing.  This experience is what served as the catalyst for change.  Using the emotion and the power of that moment, Shawn made the bold decision to change his life.

He decided that not only would he lose his extra weight, he would take it a step further.  Shawn entered a bodybuilding show.

Now I understand, bodybuilding is not for everyone, but you must admit the focus and dedication needed to prepare yourself for such a competition is substantial, to say the least.  He set a goal, established a plan and applied the principles of success used by countless people throughout the world–and he was successful.

Not only did he get himself in acceptable shape to enter the bodybuilding contest.  He won.

Shawn is well acquainted with what you need to do in order to change your life and has practical experience with how to do it.  I am very excited to be in on this call with him.

Mike Westerdal is a great friend and mentor.  I was introduced to him through Elliott Hulse a few years ago.  I was privileged to work on their Lean Hybrid Muscle–Reloaded product and since then have helped him with various articles and interviews for both Critical Bench and Powerlifting USA.

The first time I was in St. Petersburg he had me over for dinner and spent several hours sharing with me the inside scoop on his trade and how he runs his business.  He is a successful online publisher with a long list of credits to his name and has a substantial standing amongst the elite online marketers.

Mike lives the code of success, whether he’s applying it to his business or as an athlete in powerlifting.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Mike also played football in college and has played internationally.  Not only does he have much to offer, he’s very open and giving with his knowledge.  Honestly, I’d buy five copies of the book, just to listen to him talk for an hour.

To be included in this coaching call with both of these men is a tremendous honor for me.

If you want to get in on this call, I suggest you buy the book, now.  Today is the last opportunity to get in the sale price, but more importantly, now, to get in on this call.

This is a huge bargain don’t let it pass you by.

Consider, I usually charge $50 for a private session of nutrition counselling.  For less than $20 you can not only get our new book, you can get in on a live coaching session with three experts in life transformation.  What value would you put on that?

If there’s anything in your life that your not happy with, if you stand on the cusp of change and are not sure how to make the next step, this book WILL have value for you.

The principals of change are consistent whether they apply to weight loss, becoming the strongest version of yourself, pursuing that passion based career or opening yourself up to love and commitment.  Life change is life change and the principals we discuss can help you on your journey.

If you’re ready for change, go HERE.  The book is on sale until midnight tonight.

If you need a little more encouragement or just want to hear more about the book, you can check out the radio interview I did on FTNS Fitness Radio on Wednesday.  The podcast is available, HERE.

Stay Strong.

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